DIY Hearth Pad and Wood Stove Install, Oct 2015

First I installed the chimney first to insure the hearth pad would be large enough to give clearances for wood stove.

 I then built the base for the hearth pad from 3/4" plywood.  The gap in the middle was to give me the width i required without having to buy more plywood.  I recovered this plywood from the local dump.
 Next i measured the cement board and mark for cutting
 I screwed the cement board to the plywood with 8" spacing
 I placed my tile to mark and cut the cored pieces.  I built this specifically this size to eliminate having to cut more tiles.
 I then mixed mortar and placed tiles.  Then grouted the next day.
 Finished product after trim, and wood stove installed. Total cost for chimney and tile. $1500.00   I saved about $3000 doing it myself


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