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Daffy an amazing Dexter Cow

Sheep Protection

Cleaning Out Corrals

Bargain Extractor!!

Another Bull Calf!!

Garden Update, Till and Weed

Newest Addition!! Dexter Bull Calf

Re-Building Corrals

New Addition To The Homestead

Garden Update: Everything Has Sprouted

Sad Sight In The Chicken Coupe This Morning

Dexter Beef Update

Best $60 I've ever spent.

Gotta Love Free Stuff!!

Girls enjoying the apple trees.

Planting the garden, May 2016

Watering the horses.

Self Sufficient Homestead Mobile's Photo on Saturday, May 14, 2016

Preparing New Garden Spot - Updated

New Fryers April 2016

Self Sufficient Homestead Mobile's Photo on Wednesday, Apr 25, 2016

First Hatch Day! March 2016

First Calf! Jan 2016