Daffy an amazing Dexter Cow

This Saturday we spent some time down in the pasture with our cows. We were just checking them out for any signs of illness or injuries. Well while we were down there we seen how curious our dexters are so I decided to try an experiment with one of our cows. We had been told she was a Miller at one point in her life however we had never tested this out yet nor had we tried to place a halter on her. So on Saturday picture my family down in the pasture with our quads and the cows are surrounding us. I have a piece of twine in my pocket and Daffy is pretty close to me so I start petting her and sweet talking her till I place the twine around her neck. She doesn't even care she's enjoying her loving so much. So we start to walk a bit around with just twine! It was a surreal experience.
Well Sunday rolls around and we pick up a real cow halter and I go out and halter her up. No fuss at all. We spend a but walking around the corral with her brand new Blue halter!
 We have had this cow for over a year and she hasn't been touched till these past two days with a halter to say I'm flabbergasted is an understatement.  I am in love with this breed of cattle! They have such a gentle temperament.


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