Baa, Baa, Black Sheep!

This our newest addition to the Zahara Farm. She is my baa, baa, black sheep! We have never had black lambs or sheep at all on our property, and we've had sheep for a few years now. We have always hoped for one but it was never meant to be, until now! Her mom is a first time lamber and she did wonderful delivering this sweet little one. We love our katahdins and wouldn't switch to wool sheep for anything. They have a lot of benefits for us on our small farm. They get this amazing thick coat in the winter then shed out come spring time, so no having to shear them, because of this we can also keep them in cooler climates and they adapt very well. We have temperatures that dip down to -40C and we've never had any problems with our sheep. They have an easier time lambing and make great protective mothers. I would definitely recommend this breed to anyone just starting out on a small acreage or farm.


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