Deck Renovation!

Hey everybody! Sorry it's been so long since we've had any posts, we have been very busy with our deck renovation! I am seriously super excited for this. We had been living with something that we never went out and enjoyed, so to finally be able to relax with a warm cup of coffee while watching the glorious sunrise is beyond awesome! We decided to do this reno project ourselves to save on costs. It has been a learning curve for sure. We watched a lot of youtube videos, read a lot of articles so that we would be fully prepared to face this reno. That being said there were and will be times that we have to go back to the internet and rewatch a video, but overall we have been hammering out this project quite nicely. 

So this is our deck now, not completely finished we still need to add stairs. Isn't it beautiful! I love all the space. It wraps around the back of the house, over our walk out basement! 
Please ignore the siding this was under the white! We have ordered new siding! 

And this is our deck before. It was covered in carpet all the way around, and sloping in the corners, not a ton of support underneath either. It needed a complete overhaul. 

Over the walk out basement we are using a waterproof material, Tufdek. It has some amazing reviews and good warranty. A professional installer from Tufdek will come in to finish this portion of the deck. 
Our plans for our walkout basement are to convert this area into a mudroom/porch/entryway. Because it will be waterproof we can completely finish the inside with whatever we would like. I can't wait to finish this area so we have more storage and places for our boots and coats. We have a small home so we need to make the most of all our space! 
As we continue I will post pics of the finished product for you all to see! 


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